Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shinsekai Yori

This post is not the best review that you want to be reading if youre looking for Shinsekai Yori's (click HERE) review. This is purely my own feelings that I am about to pour in AND definitely spoilers. Youve been warned.

1. Saki and Satoru got married. AT LAST! They are perfect for each other. Since they kinda bonded when they are trying to escape the naked mole rats colony the first time. I sensed that they must have developed feelings or what-nots. I mean come on! They are super adorable together. And they aged gracefully too! (Not that thats the point) AND they have been through so many things together, the only two members of Group 1 left and they both loved the same person!

2. I wished that Mamoru and Maria's son (who I stubbornly denies as their daughter) would say something. Like, Saki would persuade him to remember that he has a mother and a father, that he looked like a human, hello? But they included that mirror-tactic, so your argument is valid, anime. Because youre argument always does haha.

3. Shun should have been like, revived or something. He is clearly not insane. All those times when Saki forgotten his name, I do too! (Must be some hypnotic method)

4. The thought of Mamoru and Maria had a child! *cries* *hugs my pillow*

5.  Naked mole rats. I KNEW IT! I was speculating since episode 20 that those queerats looks like naked mole rats! And I even tweeted about it:

6. The conclusion of the plot was mind-blowing. Hats off to director and producers of Shinsekai Yori *applause*

7. Good night. Esok kelas 9 pagi.

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