Sunday, November 17, 2013

I hope Im a sadist. If not then this stress-fueled life is not worth it.

Its that time of the semi-annual again: rants talk just some serious shit i have to write out because instead of doing my 8-hour prelab, i am writing a blog post.

i thought the worst was over. electronics 1 was a bitch. i barely passed. alhamdulillah i did. hello aisha to earth? what comes after "one"? "TWO"!!!!!

abah and mama reminded me that i should take things slow. but that is nowhere possible! being a sick sadist i am, stress fuels me.
honestly i wouldnt mind extending because if i have to do it then i just have too kan? my parent even reassured me that they are fine with that.

so this is good kan?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ive been doing work non stop.
Except for eating, shower, sleep and my dose of Rhett and Link just so I know that I am still sane.

I deserve sushi this weekend IF my 3006 lab tomorrow is an OK.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Today, after so long (2 months break from school), I feel hopeless. I feel stressful. I feel vulnerable.

Today, I have a legit headache. After my 1130-130 lab, my head just went short-circuit.

Today, I ate chicken for dinner and cannot believe there's leftovers.

But Today, I am reminded on how pathetic I am without Allah ;'(

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Going to dive into Crazy Weeks Ahead


I am taking this brief moment to write. (and mainly because I am stretching my work as far as I can) (also reads Procrastination)

We are finally diving into Third Year people! Tests are starting, assignments due, all labs are starting, ALL HELL IS ABOUT TO BREAK LOOSE.

And what better way to prepare yourself to get through this worldly hell by cooking a week's worth of food (Mama's speggity goreng to-the-best imitation) and homeworks on Sunday night. YEAH GO ENGINEERING!

Ili dah start stressing out. Which is THE checkpoint that EVERYONE ELSE should too (?)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I feel crappy, and I feel the need to write about it.

I think I had a fever last night. Maybe its the change of weather here in Ottawa that affects my health. And not just me, it seems like there are a lot of people who are sick/have symptoms(s) of sickness.

I think that I am thinking too much on this whole ipad thing. (btw, I bought it last Saturday.) It was exciting the first 48 hours, and then I think about it again. Like on how this ipad would (or would it actually could) help me as an aid tool for reading off slides blablabal. Its undeniably convenient to have it. Then I think extensively on the portability... Do I really need a big one or a the mini would suffice? I have an ipod and if I want to read off my slides from there, no can do. It always crashes and I use it mainly as a camera and music and nitty gritty stuffs like finance app etc. And I also think extensively on the amount of money spent on this chunk of expensive tool/toy/study-aid. IF lets say I want to pick up ipad 2, it would cost me $150 less than the New ipad, or about $200 difference between New ipad and mini. Do I need a bigger screen? I guess.

(sorry if it sounded like I am making a review on ipad. honestly i didnt care about the ipad and i never wanted one and was not planning to buy one, like EVER. so for those of you who are planning to purchase an ipad, choose wisely people!)

I also think that have already beginning to stress myself. Its only the second week of classes. ESPECIALLY in Physical Electronics class. *cries*

ps: When you feel as shitty as I am now, go and make yourself a bowl of maggi. And dont call your parents. You might cry uncontrollably.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

(an) Apple crushed me.

This is going to be a short story:

Intimidated by all these ipad craze -
on the side note, I have to say its a VERY convenient thing to have. Wanna check your slides? BAM! ipad. Wanna check this, that? BAM ipad. Not that a laptop is inconvenient, but ipad is *ZAP* fast fast fast. And looking from what my profs are doing this sem, which is posting all slides online, I can just edit the pdfs and *ZAP* fast fast fast.
- I went to the campus' bookstore because you can get a $50 app store gift card with every ipad purchase. Guess what? The promotion ends last week!

Sad? OF COURSE! Why the eff are the posters on the promotion still up there bitches? Get them bloody down!

Alright, fine. I reminded myself that I was *just surveying*. Frustrated, I decided to check the Apple Store downtown, again, *just* to see if there's different promotion(s) going on.

Long and behold, I saw the exact promotion poster but now in pamphlet-size, I grab it, smile on my face, get a hold of one of the guys that works there and asked him about the promo.

GUESS WHAT? The promotion ends FIVE MINUTES after I got there.


Oh yea, and Apple releases iphone 5 today.
Imma just sleep it off now ;'(

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Raya Post (dated one day before Eid 2013)

one year ago, all i had of home was my two new baju rayas, one checkered purple and another brown with polka dots, three small jars of cookies, a black tudung bawal with three pins attached, a inner pants (those "pattycoats" but in pants), my driver's licenses and my retainer. i remembered that the whole week leading up to eid i play-back a raya song playlist i found on youtube. i also remembered that my biggest achievement was that i did not shed a single drop of tear (you know, because i am all alone without my family on eid. but whateves.)

eid: after almost two years away from home, and spending the whole ramadhan last year in a country where you sahur at 230 am and break at 830-9pm (18 hours so-so), i find that we malaysians take this whole eid rave really serious.

like super super serious.

did you know, there's been a law (or just a normal rule idk) that the media (radio, telly) can only play raya songs only starting on the 20th of ramadhan? because aparently there are assholes-

(watching the telly while writing this. whats with all the rave about malaysia vs fc barcelona? im sorry for being
a total skeptic but malaysia, you've let me down so many times that i just could not brong myself to care)

-who already talk about eid on the first day of ramadhan! FIRST DAY! oihhh. relax relax la kalau ia pun babe. i am in no way of saying that i am a saint and my ramadhan is super duper perfect and legit and whatnot, but rescpect lah ramadhan weyh -..-t

alhamdulillah, i got to spend the whole ramadhan here at home this year. entah bila lagi i can do this.
wallahu alam. maybe my biggest regret is that i could not perform as much terawih as i could have wanted to.
honestly, this whole keeping-the-house-tidy is a freakingly tired job yall. *lap peuh di dahi*

i cant remember the last day i was online. yes, this is worth blogging.
on the time of the year where people shares family/friends moments and i am in the most disconnected situation there is! *cries*

and how i wish i am using an iphone (for once)

the fam bam at muar is doing fine :) everyone looks happy. EVERYONE. TOO HAPPY if i may add. its good to know that the adults are acting like adults ie pretending that shot are fine but its shittier than ever.

takde kad raya. the last time i received one, like legitly received one from an actual friend whom i cared (haha) was five years ago. that was from puteri <3 God, i love her to death. she even pasted a ten-cents coin and twenty-cents coin on the card :"D ahh she was so thoughtful!

thats all i have for now. maybe malam sikit nanti lancar lebih sikit tangan ni type haha. ive chores lined up for
me already: iron baju raya family, iron alas meja etc, isi kuih raya :)

have a blessed last day of ramadhan. happy nak raya tu happy happy la jugak, but dont forget that we are leaving ramadhan, THE holliest month behind and we dont know when are we going to meet it again.

and selamat hari raya in advanced :D