Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I feel crappy, and I feel the need to write about it.

I think I had a fever last night. Maybe its the change of weather here in Ottawa that affects my health. And not just me, it seems like there are a lot of people who are sick/have symptoms(s) of sickness.

I think that I am thinking too much on this whole ipad thing. (btw, I bought it last Saturday.) It was exciting the first 48 hours, and then I think about it again. Like on how this ipad would (or would it actually could) help me as an aid tool for reading off slides blablabal. Its undeniably convenient to have it. Then I think extensively on the portability... Do I really need a big one or a the mini would suffice? I have an ipod and if I want to read off my slides from there, no can do. It always crashes and I use it mainly as a camera and music and nitty gritty stuffs like finance app etc. And I also think extensively on the amount of money spent on this chunk of expensive tool/toy/study-aid. IF lets say I want to pick up ipad 2, it would cost me $150 less than the New ipad, or about $200 difference between New ipad and mini. Do I need a bigger screen? I guess.

(sorry if it sounded like I am making a review on ipad. honestly i didnt care about the ipad and i never wanted one and was not planning to buy one, like EVER. so for those of you who are planning to purchase an ipad, choose wisely people!)

I also think that have already beginning to stress myself. Its only the second week of classes. ESPECIALLY in Physical Electronics class. *cries*

ps: When you feel as shitty as I am now, go and make yourself a bowl of maggi. And dont call your parents. You might cry uncontrollably.

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