Tuesday, September 10, 2013

(an) Apple crushed me.

This is going to be a short story:

Intimidated by all these ipad craze -
on the side note, I have to say its a VERY convenient thing to have. Wanna check your slides? BAM! ipad. Wanna check this, that? BAM ipad. Not that a laptop is inconvenient, but ipad is *ZAP* fast fast fast. And looking from what my profs are doing this sem, which is posting all slides online, I can just edit the pdfs and *ZAP* fast fast fast.
- I went to the campus' bookstore because you can get a $50 app store gift card with every ipad purchase. Guess what? The promotion ends last week!

Sad? OF COURSE! Why the eff are the posters on the promotion still up there bitches? Get them bloody down!

Alright, fine. I reminded myself that I was *just surveying*. Frustrated, I decided to check the Apple Store downtown, again, *just* to see if there's different promotion(s) going on.

Long and behold, I saw the exact promotion poster but now in pamphlet-size, I grab it, smile on my face, get a hold of one of the guys that works there and asked him about the promo.

GUESS WHAT? The promotion ends FIVE MINUTES after I got there.


Oh yea, and Apple releases iphone 5 today.
Imma just sleep it off now ;'(

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