Tuesday, June 25, 2013

*excitement just kicked in*

Let me direct your attention to the countdown right under my banner.


Excited scared and nervous and scared. And mostly scared.

I have never, NEVER been away this long from my family. EVER. Two years, no, more than that (like off a couple of days) I have not seen them. Of course Skype does not count. It never does.

What do I feel right now? I have been (secretly) counting down until the day of my flight since 90-ish days ago. (Dammit I should have taken a snapshot of the first day I put that counter up on my blog). I am excited. Mostly scared, but excited definitely.

Unfortunately, I cannot allow myself to be openly excited. Because most of my pals aint going back this Summer. Well screw them. They met their parents, family, friends back home last Summer (and its not even a year since they came here) and now its my turn. Not being (ultimately) bitchy, but some of you people rub it in my face last time. And its freaking hard to contained myself from all of this emotion. And I just want to acknowledge myself for keeping it together and NOT being all excited.

Sorry for being a prick all of a sudden here. Shit happens.

ANYWAY, to express how I feel closely, read this je lah: CLICK HERE

(and I added a music playlist. feel free to shut it up if you hate it)

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