Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Resistance is futile; An act of rebellion towards studying for finals which starts in 2 days.

When is it that every darn time I am supposed to study for finals, I ended up writing a post?

This is why:
(Engineering memes are the best)

Finals will end on the 26th. Far far away to go. So many things to study.

Confession: I really enjoy learning all those MOSFETs and BJTs and Diodes and what-nots. I guess I am turning into a mushy engineer. Soon. (Applause)

For those who cares, I am at the end of my second semester second year out of four years of engineering studies. Some things I learn this year are:

1) ...
2) ...

And so the list goes on and on and on *winks*

Second year. WOW. Mama thought that I was just finishing my first year. Come on mama. Sha dah ade kat Ottawa ni 2 tahun dah. Dua tahun tak balik.
Everything went by pretty fast. Very fast.

And so will this finals!

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