Saturday, April 6, 2013

Reincarnation (Part 1)

Watched Cloud Atlas last night and dare I say, the after-movie effect has not faded yet. Instead of starting my revision or doing my Java assignment that is due Wednesday, today, I wallow in the depths of this beautiful Sextet:

The movie is (more than words can describe) beautiful. And how stupid of the Academy Awards to not even mention this movie *cries*

Because my finals is in 10 days, I cant really start any new book to read do I? Shall have to wait until 26th to start reading again. And Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell will be the 1st book Ill get my hands on at 530pm 26th of April.

(Part 2 will be up when I finished reading the book. Im sure there are so many things that Ill be reflecting after reading that book) :D

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