Monday, July 15, 2013


Bismillah :)


Alhamdulillah. Sampai jugak kaki ni ke rumah. Left all my shitty problems in my closet back in McLeod and here I am, typing away in the comforts of my room in Margosa.

I am home :)

One week and a few days has passed, Alhamdulillah everything is beginning to sink in in my head and heart that everything I am touching in my house is real. R E A L.

I dont think I told anyone this but a few days after my Summer exam finishes, I dreamed that I was home and missing everyone, and hugging my fam bam and all those crazy crying shitz you do with your family members. It feels super depressing and also a reality check at the same time. Why reality check? Because it reminds me that my loved ones are far far away from the reaches of my tiny tiny hands and all I have is Allah to protect them from harms way.


My house is just as same as I remembered it to be the last time I saw it. Except more closets and cupboards being installed (we have a lot of stuffs and clothes). Mak Long and Pak Long made sure that I mentioned that my maid is the only other thing that is different about Home (laughs). Oh Kak Ati, I was looking forward to meet you because youre family too!!
She went back unexpectedly... Oh well.

Tok Mak is here. Ma told me that she arrived a week earlier so that she could be here when I arrived. Thats my grandma! Dah satu minggu lebih kat sini and half of my food cravings has already been satisfied. Laksa Johor, Botok botok, assam pedas... Gahhhhhh!!! I love you Tok Maaaaakkkk.

Mama and Abah is being Mama and Abah as usual.
And so are my siblings; Mira Meer and Fiq.

:D:D xoxo

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