Friday, July 26, 2013

Of Birthdays and High School Kids


(OK firstly, Happy Birthday Put. I think next to Fisah, Ive known you the second longest. Hahaha tak nak kalah)

When you thought that you are NOT going to boarding school, comes an offer letter. When you thought that you are not going to PLKN (public services), you name pops up. When you thought that you are going to stay at UTP, Mum calls you about your offer. When you thought that you are born to study Petroleum Engineering, Electrical calls to claim your soul. When you thought that everything will change because you are separated by 10 thousand kilometers of land and sea, you come back to a place that is (somewhat) familiar.
Because changes does not always suck. Because changes are constant.

One thing Im sure about changes is that at the end of the day, if you want it so badly, like the Malay proverb "Nak seribu daya...", (some) things WILL stay the same.

Something like friendship :)

(Curi gambar Fisah. Thanks babe)

People cringe when they smell changes. Not the money kind of changes, but the kind where you have to pack your suitcase and take a 30-hour flight to a foreign land with hopes and dreams of family members... Or maybe the kind where you have to change your diet because you know you are getting bloody fat. But that is for another day.

Another thing that I am certain about is that changes comes in pairs- like most things in life, there is Bad and there is Good. If its food, you can just throw away the Bad Food. But Bad Change(s)? Thats not Changing at all now does it?

Is there even a Change that is Bad? Shouldn't changes be for the greater good...? What do you call something that evolves into monstrosity? Are Bad Changes even be considered as Changes? *Food for Thought*

One more thing that I am sure is you dont really grow up just because your age adds one :) With age comes maturity, because whether we like it or not, Life is going to attack you with all kinds of things and you JUST have to face is like a Bionical. But maturity does not mean that you have to age :3

Happy Ramadhan ❤

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