Sunday, August 18, 2013

Aint nobody got shit fo tat

I just got off a channel on youtube. It is sort of depressing. Ok, maybe it made me really depressed right now. Its about this guy who had brain tumour surgery and (i guess) he decided to vlog about his daily lives. Dont get me wrong, i have nothing against people vlogging about their lives or what (except if its really shitty then gtf out of youtube you jackass).

In one video he said that he vlog because its for himself to remember, and as much also for his followers.
And i clicked on the subscribed button.

When people talked about the shitty things in life, for example, me, trust me, i am pretty messed up in the noodles. I am ashamed of myself and to my God and i try to remember what i did so that ill feel bad, and ill be depressed, then maybe ill cry. And above all, after all that self-torture, i know that God is here with me, and (ultimately) i AM just human, we made shitty mistakes, and my God is with me, and i pray that he'll forgive me.

I also strongly believe that the shittiest, most messed up thing(s) will happen to you ONCE. And there goes your shittiness quota. One time, and hopefully, you'll never have to go through any shittiness ever again. We need to have faith.

And i need better judgement calls.
And probably a boyfriend pronto.

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