Tuesday, August 27, 2013

*This is a pointless post*

Dah nak balik dah.
Oh wowzers. Truly wowzers.

What really surprised me is how much annoyed I am seeing my friends yang tak balik, and that they are doing stuffs (I mean, bukan nye jealous that they dont invite me or that kinda feeling ke) and I am ultimately ticked off. Like there is this lump in my heart resisting all that happiness I am (suppose) to feel for them (sebab they tak balik and all, and still having fun).

Let me lay it out:

1. I am back. They had their moment last year so, thats that.
2. Theyre doing all kinds of stuffs, post it on facebook.
3. I am ticked off.

Its because I am in total denial. I have to go back eventually, and have to face all that. and then next year diorang pulak balik and Ill be the one posting every single thing I do during teh summer because I actually have something to do.


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