Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Why playing Rainymoods is NEVER a good idea:

That statement itself is wrong.
NEVER it is/was that playing Rainymood a bad idea.

Happy Birthday to myself! YEAAAA. This year, I dont care about people wishing me on my birthday on facebook or twitter. 1st, there's like four people in total (so far) who wished me on my Wall, one which was through the message. 2nd, I think this year I needed every ounce of love I can get my hands on (haha). WHY? Because spending your birthday (by the way, a very long birthday because Malaysian time plus Canadian time) tending to your jet lag is never a good sight.

This is where Rainymood comes into the picture: You blast that and sound asleep you go.

So, a very Happy Birthday to me. Congratulations, you spend your entire Day sleeping.

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